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Signed, titled, and dated
Label, Miner’s Gallery Americana Corp, Carmel, CA

The Civil War has ended and in the North, parades of victory raise spirits. Randy Best and Susan Hallsten McGarry wrote, “At once awful and awesome, no other event in American history has so deeply affected our nation’s soul and so compellingly kept our interest. Even today, more than 125 years after Robert E. Lee and the remnant of his loyal but starving army bowed to the inevitable at Appomattox, the Civil War continues to fascinate people the world over. It is a subject that cries out for the attention of skillful and sensitive artists like G. Harvey, whose own ancestors were caught up in that bitter struggle.

“What draws us to the Civil War is not the struggle over slavery or states rights, but the human drama that unfolded on fields of glory - the incredible bravery and remarkable spirit of Johnny Reb and Billy Yank, the surging armies and prancing horses, the snapping flags and lashing sabers. Even those who marched and fought in the Civil War could not resist its color and pageantry. General Lee said it best when, after routing the Federals at Fredericksburg, he remarked to an aide: ‘It is well that war is so terrible - we should grow too fond of it.’”

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