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In The Frank Tenney Johnson Book Harold McCracken wrote, “As with so many other young men who came out into the great West, the free and rugged life on the open cattle range in the Colorado back country appealed strongly to Frank Tenney Johnson. He was reluctant to leave. There is little doubt that he could have become a good working cowboy or eventually a successful cattleman. He had all the qualifications and instincts inherited from his ancestors and own boyhood on a small Iowa farm. He liked the Colorado cowboys and their bosses; and he had a ‘way with horses’ that comes naturally to some people. He thoroughly enjoyed riding a spirited horse and had no fear of sending his horse at full speed in pursuit of a bovine bolter through brushy places where the next step might be into a badger hole. For a good many reasons important to the cowboys he had become ‘accepted’ into their special fraternity.”

Collection of George Montgomery, Los Angeles, CA
Autry National Center, Museum of the American West, Los Angeles, CA
[The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, July 30, 2005, Lot 112]
Private Collection, 2005

George Montgomery and Jeffrey Millet, The Years of George Montgomery (Los Angeles, CA: Sagebrush, Inc., 1981), page 242, illustrated

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