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Edward Hopper (1882 – 1967)
Shoshone Cliffs, Wyoming (1941)
watercolor on paper
19.75 × 24.75 inches
27 × 33 × 2 inches (framed)
signed lower right

Label, Cadres Anciens Dorure d’Art, Geneva, Switzerland
Label, The Owings Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Shoshone Cliffs, Wyoming is recorded in the Edward Hopper Catalogue Raisonné as reference number W-335.

In 1941, Edward Hopper and his wife, Jo, took an extended road trip to the West during which they stopped at Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming. Spending eight days there, Hopper began this watercolor at the base of the Holy City rock formations, capturing the dramatic red sandstone rocks situated above the Shoshone River.

One of the larger works on paper Hopper ever painted, Shoshone Cliffs, Wyoming is one of only four paintings that Hopper created in Wyoming with one featured in the collection of the Whitney Museum of Art and another in the Anschutz Collection. A Western American masterwork of light, color, shadow, and water, the painting is a beautiful representation of the West and Wyoming by one of the very best artists to ever paint in the West.

Hopper biographer Lloyd Goodrich wrote, “He [Hopper] liked the blazing sun of summer noon, projecting sharp patterns of light and shadow; or again, the clear raking sunlight of early morning or late afternoon, striking one side of objects and leaving the other in deep shadow – a light that models forms roundly and produces a dramatic play of light and shade. In his landscapes movement is created by light more than by the forms themselves. Light streams into the picture, falls on its motionless forms, and becomes a dynamic element in the whole pictorial concept.”

Eugene D. Hopper, gifted to
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Christie’s, New York, New York, 2007
Private collection, Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Edward Hopper

1882 – 1967

Shoshone Cliffs, Wyoming (1941)
watercolor on paper
19.75 × 24.75 inches
27 × 33 × 2 inches (framed)
signed lower right
Sold at Auction: $574,750
Condition ReportAs viewed through glass. Paper appears to be in good condition.

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