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Describing this painting the artist writes, “In the first half of the nineteenth century, the fur trade brought trappers and traders seeking adventure and the hope of prosperity to the western lands of the North American continent. Along with them, came items that they brought for their own use and for trade. Items were traded broadly, with goods coming from the south out of Mexico, from the north out of Canada, and from both coasts. The Indigenous peoples immediately found these items useful and desirable, and they had furs and other items to trade for them. However, goods also exchanged hands through conflict, or by circumstances where goods were left behind due to injured animals or unrepairable wagons or carts, or by accidents during hasty retreats. Sometimes even items of a special nature, as are shown in the painting, had to be left behind because of dangerous circumstances. On a well-used trail near the Wind River Range, these Apsáalooke warriors have come across items that will be sorely missed by whoever had to leave them behind.”

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