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Pickerel is recorded in the Frank Schoonover Catalogue Raisonné as reference number 793.

A passion for illustrating outdoor adventure stories, coupled with Howard Pyle’s advice that an artist should, “live what he paints,” prompted Schoonover to travel, first to the Canadian Hudson Bay area and Alaska in 1903, where he traversed 1200 miles by canoe, snowshoe and dogsled. He later went west to Colorado and Montana in 1906. Experiencing life on these pioneer frontiers enabled him to depict accurately the rugged lifestyles of the people he met along the way including Indians, Eskimos and cowboys. “The people I paint,” he said, “are rugged as their environment.” Schoonover utilized the notes and sketches recorded during these excursions as fodder for illustrated stories, the first completed in 1905.

Pickerel exemplifies the influence of the outdoors on Schoonover’s work, as well as his tendency to create action-filled scenes. In the present work, two fishermen admire their catch, which immediately draws the viewer’s eye with its central position and shining quality. Though the act of catching the fish is complete, the artist succeeds in creating understated action. For example, the fishing rod in the upper left corner bends with the weight of the fish, implying that the fish still hopelessly struggles against the fisherman’s strength. Also, the seated man reaches out, ready to snatch the fish, creating a moment of suspense and pending action. Characterized by the outdoors and adventure, Pickerel was the perfect illustrative complement for publications such as Top Notch Magazine, Sporting Classics, and The Ultimate Fishing Book.

The artist
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