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The Hunter’s Return will be included in Michael R. Grauer’s forthcoming W. Herbert Dunton Catalogue Raisonné.

According to art historian Michael R. Grauer, “When Dunton’s emphasis on subject also shifted again in the mid-twenties, his work aligned itself with the tenets of Regionalism, albeit perhaps without a complete break from his earlier work. Instead of concentrating solely on an Old West that had virtually disappeared by then, he turned instead to subjects who had been a part of the Old West in Taos, but he chose to paint and draw them as they were then rather than as they had been.”

Dunton said, “The West has passed – more’s the pity. In another twenty-five years the old-time westerner will have gone too – gone with the buffalo and the antelope. I’m going to hand down to posterity a bit of unadulterated real thing, if it’s the last thing I do – and I’m going to do it, muy pronto.”

Private collection, Carmel, California

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