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Agnes C. Laut wrote, “Day was when to be a farmer was to be a peasant and farming was considered the occupation of the clod-pod with as much understanding in his boots as his brains. He was the constant joke of the funny man in the comic papers and the perennial topic for the anemic magazine writers of the town. In fact, the veriest little whippersnapper of the city felt a patronizing condescension for the farmer which angels might have felt for angleworms. The city man’s mental picture of the country dweller was—and is still in far too many cases—of a rustic clad in blue jeans halfway to his neck and high boots half-way to his waist; or of a lady in prunella gaiters with frayed green umbrella and tie-string bonnet ten years behind the times.

“As far as America is concerned such a type of farmer is rapidly becoming as extinct as the dodo. The day when the farmer might be regarded as a peasant is forever past. A new spirit is abroad on the farm....”

Agnes C. Laut, “The New Spirit of the Farm” Outing Magazine (New York, NY: The Outing Publishing Company, April 1908), front cover, illustrated

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