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W. Steve Seltzer writes, “Olaf C. Seltzer began his painting career in 1897 and produced over 3,000 works before his death in 1957. His friendship and close association with Charlie Russell in Great Falls, Montana was a major factor in determining the direction of his art. The two men shared a mutual interest in western history and a determination to create a pictorial record of the characters and events that were rapidly disappearing.

“This oil painting titled Cooling Off is a fine example of his mature style and favorite subject matter. The 20 x 30 format was his favorite size and proportion and oil proved the most versatile medium to develop the color and atmospheric quality that Seltzer desired.

“This iconic scene of three Native Americans undoubtedly played out innumerable times as they pursued their nomadic existence on the northern plains.”

Wildenstein & Co., New York, NY
Private Collection, Washington, DC 1965

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