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Label, Claude de Muzac, Paris, France

According to art historian Ron Tyler, “A romantic painter of epic proportion’s, Miller produced huge oil paintings from his fresh and action filled sketches. His large canvases of buffalo hunts, trappers around the camp fire, the rendezvous grounds near the Green River, and the dramatic Snake Indian cavalcade at the foot of the cold blue Rockies stunned sophisticated New Yorkers...and earned him acclaim as one of the most promising young artists in the country.”

Alfred Jacob Miller wrote, “While Indians are resting in camp, one of their amusements (if their evil star is not in the ascendant) is a trial of skill with the Elk-horn bow. Of course, a wager is laid in order to give zest to the trial and earnestness to the matter on hand. The stakes are of a multitudinous character,- Pleagh (sic) of beaver, against Couteau de chasse,- heads against clother,- powder against tobacco,- & c. In the absense (sic) of any other stake, he will bet his own daughter. They are careful to select a calm day, and at a distance of 30 or 40 yards strike within the sircumference (sic) of a wuarter (sic) of a dollar. The arrow is tipped with iron, and feathering remarkablye (sic) for its neatness, giving a poise true and equal, this is essential to a good aim.”

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