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Describing this painting Elmer Kelton wrote, “Most Indians favored paint horses, when they could pick and choose, and as they mastered the techniques of selective breeding, they often bred to achieve that coloration. These are Crow warriors, both with lances and war shields, the one in front carrying a tubular rawhide case containing a religious medicine bundle typical for his tribe. It was usual for young men who had successfully finished their vision quests to decorate themselves and their shields according to instructions received from a spirit guide, and to make up a personal medicine bundle which would contain items pertaining to their individual medicine or power. The decorations on the knife sheath and arrow quivers are particularly detailed in this painting.”

Paints was released as a limited edition print by The Greenwich Workshop, Inc. in August 1983.

Schriver Gallery, Taos, NM
Property of Rockwell International Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA
[The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, Reno, NV 2000]
Private Collection, WY 2000

Elmer Kelton, The Art of Howard Terpning (Trumbull, CT: The Greenwich Workshop, Inc., 1992), p 39, illustrated

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