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Label, Fenn Galleries, Santa Fe, NM

Couse historian Virginia Couse Leavitt writes, “Native Americans engaged in quiet, domestic acts are a frequent theme in Couse’s work. In The Red Blanket, the Indian appears to be mending a blanket or possibly adding a decorative strip to it. Beyond the obvious, however, this painting imparts the special quality with which Couse imbued his paintings. The intensity of the firelight heightens the sense of concentration with which the Indian carries out his task. He is bare to the waist, wearing only a red loin cloth, buckskin leggings, and beaded moccasins. Painting his models in this style of ceremonial dress, rather than in every day clothing, was a method used by Couse to convey the spiritual significance that Indians bring to everything they do. In addition, Couse greatly admired the Indian as craftsman and artist, clearly indicated by the pottery and other artifacts that are prominent elements in this painting.”

David Donoghue, Ft. Worth, TX 1927
Ann Stevens Corkery (his granddaughter), by descent
[Nedra Matteucci Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 1998]
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Taylor, Angel Fire, NM 1999

in Taos, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM 1927
Panhandle-Plains Museum, Canyon, TX 1998

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