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According to Goodwin authority, Larry Len Peterson, “By chance, just as the last log is chopped for the cabin fire, the howl of wolves chasing an elk catches the attention of the two hunters. The comfort and safety of the inside of the log cabin is contrasted with the danger and uncertainty of the dynamic winter scene set out in the wilds of mountain country. While the shaded log cabin is covered with heavy snow, sun has melted much of it in the meadow below. This gives the elk an even chance of escaping not only the pursuing wolf pack but also the deadly force of the hunter’s rifle. Will he or won’t he? Goodwin often let the viewer’s imagination determine the outcome of his predicament paintings. When Opportunity Knocks is a companion painting to A Welcome Opportunity, and many of these winter scenes were completed in the 1920s at a time when Goodwin was considered the master of sporting art.”

Private Collection, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, circa 1940
Present owner, by descent

Larry Len Peterson, Philip R. Goodwin: America’s Sporting & Wildlife Artist (Hayden, ID: The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, 2001), page 313, illustrated print

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