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Label, Saks Gallery, Denver, CO

According to Virginia Couse Leavitt, “Couse was masterful at painting the human figure, both the anatomy and the flesh tones. The Turquoise Bead Driller is a classic Couse image in which the figure fills the picture space. His model, Jerry Mirabal from Taos Pueblo, is shown intently examining a bow drill with which he will drill holes in the chunks of turquoise sitting on the stone anvil in front of him. A great admirer of Indian craftsmanship, Couse often portrayed the Indian as an artist in his paintings. In this case, Couse has set his figure against a dark background. The strong light source coming from the right brings the figure to life and focuses attention on the face of the Indian who is absorbed in his work.”

Private Collection, NY
Property from a Private Collection

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