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According to Patricia Janis Broder, “In 1925, Berninghaus became a permanent resident of Taos. He had lived and painted there part of each year for over twenty-five years and during the last ten years had spent at least six months each year in Taos. Although most of Berninghaus’ St. Louis commissions were historical representations based on research and poetic imagination, the majority of his Taos paintings depict the contemporary world of New Mexico. He was at once romantic and realist, poet and naturalist. He was not interested in ethnology or anthropology, but he was interested in the transformations of form and the variations of color that were the result of the ever-changing light of Taos.”

Collection of Anna Leise and Wally Sargent, Santa Fe, New Mexico, by 1980
Private Collection, California

Patricia Janis Broder, Taos: A Painter’s Dream (Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company, 1980), page 83, illustrated

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