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According to the artist, “Moose hunting has been in my blood for many years. It began with an impromptu trip to Wasilla, Alaska in 1998 to hunt grouse with my good friend Ken Marsh, who was then the editor of Alaska Magazine. I had been illustrating hunting scenes for the magazine since the early 90’s, and couldn’t pass up the invitation. We hunted beaver ponds and lakes adjoining the Susitna river drainage for a week, and had encounters with bears, wolves, and moose. Paddling the canoe, in the black, lily-pad covered water allowed us to be deadly silent. The bull moose were beginning to rut and the ritual began with the crisp air and morning frost. Before dawn, the water would be covered with an etherial mist and the moose were speaking. I’ve tried to recreate those moments and experiences in my work. Hopefully my vision is portrayed as I remember it.”

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