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Label, Adelson Galleries, New York, New York
Label, Schweitzer Gallery, New York, New York
Label, Meredith Long & Co., Houston, Texas

Thomas Moran first journeyed to Mexico in 1883. According to the art historian Anne Morand, “The exact circumstances leading to Moran’s trip through Mexico are unknown; it may have resulted from his acquaintance with William J. Palmer, a cofounder of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, who was the concessionaire and builder of the Mexican National Railroad…In his desire to promote the Mexican rail line, Palmer may have hired Moran to create idealized views of the countryside, as the artist had done for the Denver & Rio Grande in the western United States.”

After the turn of the century Moran’s paintings of the West included several works depicting scenes of the Mexican countryside. In 1908, he completed Tula, the Ancient Capital of Mexico. Tula is in the present state of Hidalgo and was one of the chief urban centers of the Toltecs dating back to 900 A.D. From Moran’s interest in exotic locations came this rendition depicting indigenous people with the ancient ruins of Tula in the background. The painting’s luminous colors illustrate the strong influence that J. M. W. Turner, the English master, had on Moran’s masterful landscape portrayals.

Schweitzer Gallery, New York, New York, 1989
Present owner, New York, New York

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