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Frank Tenney Johnson wrote in a letter to his wife Vinnie, “Well, here I am, 50 miles from a railroad and in a most beautiful country, a wonderful land. I got up bright and early and after eating as good a breakfast as one could wish for went out into the cool refreshing mountain air. I stand in well with the stage driver and last night he asked me if I wanted to ride with him on the front seat. Of course I did as it is the finest seat on the coach. There were three other passengers who rode inside, but I had the grandest seat of them all; and I will say right here that I never had as fine a ride before in my life. It impressed me more than anything I have yet experienced.” ...

In his next letter to Vinnie describing the stage to Steamboat Springs, Frank wrote, “... I offered to drive and give his hands a rest, and he let me do so for over five miles. At first the driver looked a little uneasy for fear I couldn’t handle the reins and wouldn’t make the right allowance for the sharp curves, but I hadn’t watched the old driver getting past his curves for 50 miles between Walcott and Yampa for nothing, so I did the very same way and after that the driver took it easy and looked at the landscape.”

Signed and titled in the artist’s hand
Label, Grand Central Art Galleries

Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, New York
Private Collection, La Jolla, California

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