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According to the Stendahl Galleries’ exhibition catalog, “A brilliant and sparkling piece of painting, the center of the composition being a majestic live oak. The green of the meadow is flecked with the golden brown of September, and the red of the sycamores in the middle distance gives a strong hint that the poignant life of summer is almost over.”

The September 3, 1927 California Graphic Magazine caption for this painting reads, “Wherever California art is known, the name of William Wendt is famous as one of its finest exponents. Wendt’s love for the Golden State is expressed in every line and color of his canvas, and he conveys mood of nature with infinite truth and subtlety.”

The Artist
Stendahl Art Galleries, Los Angeles, CA
Private Collection, Midwest
Private Collection, Pacific Northwest

William Wendt and His Work, Stendahl Art Galleries, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, CA, 1926

Exhibition catalog, William Wendt and His Work (Los Angeles, CA: Stendahl Galleries, 1926), p 94, no. 63
California Graphic Magazine (Sept 3, 1927), illustrated
John Alan Walker, Documents on the Life and Art of William Wendt (1865-1946), California’s Painter Laureate of the Paysage moralisé (Big Pine, CA: John Alan Walker, Bookseller, 1992), p 146, listed

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