Laverne Nelson Black, Gathering for the Chief, Sold at Auction: $175,500
John Clymer, Whisky Whisky, Sold at Auction: $526,500
Maynard Dixon, Prairie Evening, Sold at Auction: $163,800
Philip R. Goodwin, When Opportunity Knocks, Sold at Auction: $198,900
Martin Grelle, Apsaroke Autumn, Sold at Auction: $292,500
Martin Grelle, Not Afraid of Thunder, Sold at Auction: $111,150
E. Martin Hennings, Riders in the Piñon, Sold at Auction: $292,500
Frank Tenney Johnson, Night Time in Wyoming, Sold at Auction: $409,500
Frank Tenney Johnson, Valley of the Moon, Sold at Auction: $198,900
W. H. D. Koerner, The Covered Wagon, Sold at Auction: $64,350
Bob Kuhn, A Passing Fancy, Sold at Auction: $187,200
Bob Kuhn, A Skeptic Entering the Temple, Sold at Auction: $81,900
William R. Leigh, The Right of Way, Sold at Auction: $697,000
Tom Lovell, Time of the Cold Maker, Sold at Auction: $380,250
Frank McCarthy, Chiefs, Sold at Auction: $76,050
Carl Rungius, Alaskan Brown Bear, Sold at Auction: $257,400
Charles M. Russell, As Cochrane and Pard Leaped Into Their Saddles … , Sold at Auction: $1,089,000
Charles M. Russell, Meat for the Tribe, Sold at Auction: $753,000
Joseph H. Sharp, The War Bonnet Maker, Sold at Auction: $198,900
Howard Terpning, Bad Medicine Crossing, Sold at Auction: $641,000
Walter Ufer, The Watcher, Sold at Auction: $468,000

For over 25 years the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction has specialized in the finest classical Western and American Art representing past masters and outstanding contemporary artists. The auction principals have over 100 years of combined experience in selling fine art and have netted their clients over $250 million in the last ten years alone. With scores of world record prices, let us assist you with a free evaluation of artwork. If you are considering selling contact us and discuss the benefits of the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction.

RESULTS We are the largest auction house in the country specializing in Western and American artwork. We hold over 160 actual world record prices, the highest of any auction in the field, and achieve the most consistent sales for our consignors.

SALES RATE 96% of all lots are sold on average, the best in the industry.

CLIENT BASE Over the past 25 years we have compiled the largest mailing list in the country of major private and institutional collectors. On average 1,000 attend in person each year with hundreds more bidding by phone, Internet, and absentee.

MARKETING Our extensive national print and Internet advertising campaigns along with direct marketing to top collectors ensures we reach the most active buyers.

TRANSPARENCY There are absolutely no hidden fees when you consign with us. We pay all insurance, cataloging, and marketing costs.

CONVENIENCE We are readily available to assist with the shipping, restoration and framing of artwork. All costs for these services are fronted by the Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, so there are no upfront costs to you.

CATALOGS Our catalogs are the finest and most extensively researched in the industry. We furnish the highest quality photography and descriptions for your items.

REPUTATION We are the auction house of choice for major museums, corporations, and notable private collections. Whether you have an extensive collection, or individual painting, you may rest assured your consignment will be handled in a professional manner to maximize its value.

William R. Leigh – The Right of Way

The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction Surpasses $23 Million in Sales The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction realized a total of over $23 million in sales at the 2015 Auction. The single largest event in the field of classic Western and American Art saw multiple world-records set at our July 25th sale in Reno.
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John Fery: Artist of Glacier National Park & The American West

John Fery: Artist of Glacier National Park & The American West Now Available & Ready to Ship
Larry Len Peterson’s new hardcover book John Fery: Artist of Glacier National Park & The American West features an unprecedented selection of 284 B&W and color illustrations and is now available for $75.
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