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Label, Cowboy Artists of America, Phoenix, AZ

Describing this painting Elmer Kelton wrote, “Three Apaches race to stay ahead of a dust devil, the desert hot-weather whirlwind which picks up dust and debris and spins them around then dies and lets them settle slowly back to the earth. The white man speaks of thermals and explains them in dry meteorological terms, but the Apache of old knew better. He knew that the devil was inside the whirlwind, and that if an Indian were caught up in it, he would soon die.

“The artist saw this as an interesting problem in design. He wanted a strong feeling of motion, to convey the sense that the Apaches were galloping their horses as hard as they could.”

The Artist
[Cowboy Artists of America, Phoenix, AZ 1990]
Private Collection, Aspen, CO 1990
Private Collection, Tucson, AZ 2013

25th Anniversary Exhibition, Cowboy Artists of America, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, Oct 19 - Nov 18, 1990

Elmer Kelton, The Art of Howard Terpning (Trumbull, CT: The Greenwich Workshop, 1992), p 81, illustrated

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