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In a letter to the original owner the artist wrote, “This is the picture Dr. Glasier and I selected from all in the studio - Hunting and War Songs - and talk. If two or more young bucks get together, they generally chant and talk of hunting and war - and love.

“This is a Cheyenne teepee and subject - Indians of Mont. and Okla. The war bonnets are original Sioux and Cheyenne used in the Custer Battle and secured by myself some 50 yrs. ago.

“The canvas is sunny and joyful, and in clean color, composition, technical work and sunlight as good as any I have painted. It is not exaggerated in light and shade and color at all.

“You will probably have to try it in several places on wall to get best light - even if you have to rearrange a bit!

“Trusting it will be satisfactory.”

Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Hoard, El Paso, TX
Private Collection, New York, NY
Private Collection, TX

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