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According to the artist, “The painting depicts two Blackfeet warriors passing through the area now known as Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They have come upon several items lost by a ‘previous owner.’ It is the late 1830’s, not long before the end of the period known as the pinnacle of the Fur Trade Era. Several of the items shown were available through the traders of the time and were common, but valuable to anyone living in the American West during this time. A copper kettle, a tin cup, and a bag made to be carried on a pack saddle are among the visible items shown, as well as a blanket thrown over the saddle of the dismounted man’s horse. These things would not have been left behind unless difficult circumstances required it, and there are indications in the painting that suggest a possible reason. The gun carried by one of the men is a trade era flint lock gun. The coup stick held by the mounted figure has a scalp lock and a small flag tied to it, and the horses have commercially made bits and bridles. What circumstances caused these items to be left behind? I leave that to the viewer’s imagination.”

50th Annual Exhibition, Cowboy Artists of America, Oklahoma City, OK, Oct 9, 2015-Jan 3, 2016

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