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Label, Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company, Boston, Massachusetts

According to Goodwin biographer Dr. Larry Len Peterson, “1907 was a banner year for the young prodigy. His personal log shows works submitted to Winchester Repeating Arms Company, Scribner’s Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, The Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s Weekly, and Nabisco’s Cream of Wheat Company (his famed A ‘Bear’ Chance), among others. Yet the bulk of his finest output was submitted to the venerable Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company in Boston, founded by William H. Forbes in 1862. This gem was submitted to them in June and described by Goodwin as ‘One painting of hunter drinking and discovering elk at the same time’ – quenching two thirsts. The image eventually ended up on a rare 1909 poster for The Western Cartridge Co. in East Alton, Illinois. It was executed in anticipation of the artist visiting Charles M. Russell for the first time, quenching his own thirst for company with his hero. After being paid $150 for his effort, Goodwin headed west to visit his friend at Bull Head Lodge in Montana’s Glacier National Park for most of the rest of the summer. In reality, Goodwin would discover that there were few elk still found in the park, and they were located along the eastern slope, but were scarce, shy, and widely scattered in small bunches. Because Russell’s cabin was on the west side of the park, he probably never saw one. Theodore Roosevelt enjoyed hunting the Rocky Mountain elk (Cervus canadensis nelson), stating it is ‘one of the most attractive of sports, not only because of the size and stately beauty of the quarry and the grand nature of the trophy, but because of the magnificent scenery, and the stirring, exciting nature of the chase itself.’”

The artist
Forbes Lithograph Manufacturing Company, Boston, Massachusetts
Private collection, Andover, Massachusetts

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