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Signed and dated

The artist wrote, “It was on my very first visit to Kenya in 1949 and my abortive attempt to become a game warden that I saw my very first elephants in the wild. The initial impression, and one that has gained strength over the years as I have seen more and more of these magnificent animals in their natural environment, is of one’s own complete insignificance. If armed with a gun, man is powerful, but alone, unarmed, he is nothing. The lion has been termed ‘The King of the Beasts’ and, impressive though he can be, I really cannot quite understand why!

“The elephant is a gentle giant. The warden, who showed me my very first elephant, said ‘If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.’ Man is the elephant’s only enemy. I can never think of elephants as dangerous. Why should I? They are only dangerous when man has given them reason to be.”

Ted and Sue Dalzell, Santa Barbara, California

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