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The artist wrote, “The West is composite and it fascinates me. In the West are forests as luxurious as the forests of Fontainebleau or Lebanon; desert lands as alluring as the Sahara; and mountains most mysterious. Cañons and mesa that reveal the construction of the earth, with falls as fantastic as facades of Dravidian Temples. An architecture, also fast disappearing, as homogenous as the structures of Palestine and the northern coast of Africa; and people as old as the peoples of history; with customs and costumes as ancient as their traditions. And all this is not the shifting of playhouse scenes but the erosion and growth of thousands of years, furrowed for centuries by Western rains, dried by Western winds and baked by Western suns. Nearly all that the world has, the West has in nature, fused with its own eternal self.”

Private collection, Wichita, Kansas

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