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Label, Pasadena Art Institute, Pasadena, California

Mexicans Leaving an Inn is recorded in the C. M. Russell Catalogue Raisonné as reference number CR.UNL.375.

Discussing this painting Ginger K. Renner wrote, “The Great Falls Tribune of Sunday, February 11, 1906, carried a story with a picture of the Cowboy artist, Charles M. Russell, headlined ‘He Is Going To Old Mexico.’ The reporter states that he and Mrs. Russell would visit the interior of Mexico for six weeks or perhaps two months, the purpose being to make a series of studies of ancient and modern types of the Mexican cowpuncher for Outing, the well-known, high-class magazine of sports and out-of-door life, the editor of which, Caspar Whitney, is a personal friend and great admirer of Russell. The story goes on to extol Russell’s art and the success he had been having not only in illustrating for several of the outstanding publications but that he was being recognized as an author, as well, since several of his sketches and stories would be appearing shortly in Outing.

“Apparently, between the time of that story and their departure for Mexico the plans developed further. First, Charley’s father, Charles Silas Russell, was invited to accompany them and probably through the contacts Whitney had, plans were made to present an exhibit of Russell’s art in the Porter Hotel in Mexico City. The Mexico City Daily Record of April 8, 1906, in a two-column story states, ‘The art exhibit at Porter’s Hotel this morning was as refreshing as the dawn itself.… The work of Mr. Russell is difficult to describe. Language faintly describes the exquisite touch of his magic brush and pen, or the marvelous details of his art.’ We have no information on how long the exhibit lasted, but during the Russells’ stay in the Capital they met the owner of the largest ranch in all Mexico. Señor Terrazas cordially invited the Russells to make an extended visit to his giant spread outside the city of Chihuahua, where Charley would have every opportunity to study and sketch the vaqueros and the stock and a different way of ‘cowboying.’ The several weeks the Russells were guests of Señor Terrazas were an eye-opening experience for Montana’s favorite artist and a number of paintings resulted, Mexicans Leaving an Inn being probably the first Russell completed after his return to Great Falls. It should be noted this watercolor was listed in the Dore Gallery catalogue of paintings in the 1914 exhibit Russell had in London. It was for a number of years in the collection of William E. Weiss, Jr.”

William E. Weiss, Jr., New York, New York
Mr. & Mrs. William D. Weiss, Jackson, Wyoming, by descent
Private Collection, Wyoming
Private Collection, Nevada
Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, Reno, Nevada, 2014
Private collection, Billings, Montana

Paintings by Charles M. Russell of the West That Has Passed, Dore Gallery, London, England, 1914
Pasadena Art Institute, Pasadena, California, 1961

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