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Label, Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York

The Evening Camp will be included in the E. I. Couse Catalogue Raisonné.

According to Virginia Couse Leavitt, “An Indian is crouched in the gloaming on a river bank before a small fire. His upper body, silhouetted against some dark trees, is illuminated by the warmth of the fire, whereas his deerskin leggings reflect a cool white light. This theme of an Indian seated before a campfire is repeated in many Couse paintings, but always in a somewhat different and compelling manner.

“Couse arrived in Taos in 1902. He soon became famous for the moonlight and firelight pictures he began to paint under the influence of the strong light and brilliant colors of the region. The muted palette he used in The Evening Camp is of special interest because it falls into the middle years of his Taos experience, when it was common for the artist to use strong tonalities, yet in this case he was exploring something different. Although he often repeated certain themes, his main purpose was always to explore the varied qualities of light. Here he was interested in the juxtaposition between the warm firelight reflected off the bare torso of the model and the cool light reflected by the white deer skin of his leggings.”

Newhouse Gallery, St. Louis, Missouri, 1921
Kennedy Galleries, New York, New York
Mongerson Galleries, Chicago, Illinois, 1977
Private collection, Janesville, Wisconsin
Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, Reno, Nevada, 2016
Private collection, Reno, Nevada

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