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Signed, titled, dated, and “#2956”
Label, Gallery 1261, Denver, Colorado

Describing this painting the artist wrote, “Above you see the completed fantasy, but one selectively constructed and painted from real life. Nancy says it is like a whole motion picture condensed into flash of color and form as a painting. It is a combination of what was there, what could have been there, and by their absence, all the things I chose not to include.”

The K. T. Wiedemann Foundation, Wichita, Kansas

Richard Schmid: A Retrospective Exhibition, Gallery 1261, Denver, Colorado, 2016
Richard Schmid: Beyond Reality, Selections from the K. T. Wiedemann Foundation Collection, Mark Arts, Mary R. Koch Arts Center, Wichita, Kansas, 2019

Richard Schmid, Richard Schmid: My Still Life Art, Stove Prairie Press, 2019, pp. 230-33, illustrated

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