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An original December 16, 1943 bill of sale will accompany the lot.

In a letter to his wife Vinnie, the artist wrote, “I arrived here at 3:20 this morning. Got my saddle, tarp and blanket (left my trunk in the depot) and went out into the sagebrush and found a place to sleep on the ground with my clothes on. The cheapest night’s lodging since I came into this country! Got up at six and went into the stage agent’s house where I got the best of home cooking at 25cts a meal—and a room at 75 cts...

“The Navajos here are a fine looking lot—and their horses are the typical ‘Injun ponies.’ I got some pictures of the Indians playing Monte—and 2 of a fine looking chief, who was very nice to me... The Navajos are having a big horse sale here and buyers have come from all around. The prices ranged from $13 to $25, and I got some fine pictures. The best part came when the Indians held some horse races, and I got some material that was worth the trip way out here. The Indians were all excited and looked grand on their ponies... I think I’ll stay here for several days, as these Navajos and their ponies are by far the best I’ve seen for pictures...

“There is a fine old picturesque trading post here, where the Navajos are constantly coming and going, particularly at night, to avoid the intense desert heat during the daytime. But seeing these people in the moonlight or even the magic light of just the stars has impressed me very deeply.”

Biltmore Art Salon, Los Angeles, CA
Mr. E. A. Strout, La Jolla, CA 1943
Present owner, Reno, NV, by descent

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