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Titled, artist’s stamp, and “#4902”

Randy Best wrote, “G. Harvey’s art has intrigued and captivated a generation. The appeal is broad-based, finding meaning in the hearts of diverse groups and categories of collectors. He paints the memory of a rainy afternoon; of a lonely child confined to a screened porch at the end of a country lane; a bent, rough-handed, balding cowboy’s memory of a springtime when he sat tall in the saddle and rode stirrup-deep through fields of wildflowers along a Texas draw. His canvas reveals the last hours of a holiday evening and the afterglow of twilight; the warmth of a father’s hand while standing on a busy city street corner; and the reflection of a thousand lights dazzling the eyes of a little girl visiting a great city for the first time. You can feel the crunch of fresh snow and being dressed warmly for a cold wintry morn, as we look through a peep-hole back on an age of innocence - an age when lovers sat holding hands in a buckboard, and Model T.’s clattered across the rails of streetcars. “We find in his paintings a tranquility - a time when we did not lock the doors to our houses, and strong, willing hands helped us up when we fell. G. Harvey paints the spirit of America, from its western hills and prairies to the commerce of its great cities. His paintings give depth and dimension to scenes that move across, into and out of his living canvases.”

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