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Signed, titled, and dated

The artist wrote, “‘Seeing with a fresh eye’ is a phrase that gets a lot of use by artists. Behind it are a number of physical and psychological processes, from being able to discern what the various colors are in a so-called gray building wall or the chestnut coat of a horse, to understanding the emotions of the moment and recognizing how they alter your perception of the scene. The goal of the artist is to be a keen observer of life and of what is really there, as well as an interpreter of life as he or she feels it.

“Everything I paint is filtered through my faith, my family, my friends and my heritage and roots in Texas. When I visit a city like New York, I lean out the window, look down to the ‘valley’ below and listen to the sirens echo off the ‘canyon’ walls. I watch the people. I try to feel the pace and the pulse of the city. Then I take all this information and emotion home to Fredericksburg, and I recall the impressions they made on me. I put my own juices into it and describe the experience in oils. ...”

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