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According to Paul F. Starrs, “A watchful eye from an old hand is directed at a steer, moving slowly across a dusty draw. In fact, the prevailing sense of this fine painting is dryness—a prevalence of alkali and a sense that water is a distant afterthought, which won’t be seen for several hours more. Borein spaces the protagonists correctly; you don’t get in there and crowd, you allow an animal the illusion that a course of action is the most reasonable and the easiest, and everyone goes to the next spot without feeling being mussed.”

Dr. & Mrs. P. Paul Riparetti, Santa Barbara, CA by 1974
The Salah M. Hassanein Collection
Present owners, by descent 2019

Coloring the West: Watercolors and Oils by Edward Borein, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara, CA, Oct 25, 2007 - Feb 17, 2008

Harold G. Davidson, Edward Borein, Cowboy Artist (Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1974), following p 64, illustrated
Warren Miller and Michael Redmon, ed., Coloring the West: Watercolors and Oils by Edward Borein (Santa Barbara, CA: Santa Barbara Historical Society, 2007), p 33, illustrated

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