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Artist’s label with title and “#12”
Label, First Federal Savings

According to Lisa N. Peters, PhD, “Throughout his career, Edgar Payne demonstrated indomitable persistence. Only a few years after he visited the High Sierra for the first time, in 1917–1918, he had become the Sierra’s leading interpreter, enduring blistering conditions and trekking into remote stretches that other artists did not attempt.”

Edgar Payne stated, “Here it is different. The California Sierras are not yet fully explored. I have stood on the banks of fifty mountain lakes that are neither charted nor named. I have sketched in the shadow of mountains that would be famous in Europe, but that are known here only as units of the Sierra range.” “There is more color in the High Sierras than in the Alps, and more atmosphere...There are reds and greens not to be found anywhere in Europe.” “A hundred years from now people possessing the means to travel will be coming to California from all over the world, just to visit the lake country that those living in the great industrial districts of California have not yet discovered.”

The Artist
First Federal Savings, Phoenix, AZ
[Heritage Auctions, Dallas, TX 2012]
Private Collection, Garland, TX 2012

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