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Signed and titled

The artist writes, “According to T.E. Mails, the Sioux or Dakota were the largest of the plains nations, numbering about 25,000 people in 1780. The word Dakota means ‘Allies’ in the Teton dialect it is Lakota, but it signifies the same thing. Each of the seven main divisions had their soldiers who were hardy men and maintained order in the camps and controlled the hunts. The police or soldiers of each village had two leaders called ‘Soldier Chiefs.’ To be selected a soldier was a distinct honor, open only to men who had a successful vision quest and counted at least one undisputed coup. These men could be fierce warriors and war leaders. In this charcoal drawing, it was my intent to dramatize the importance of this man’s position among the Sioux People.”

The Collection of Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert
Private Collection, Tucson, AZ

National Academy of Western Art, National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK, Jun 9 - Sept 9, 1979

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