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Label, Eli Wilner & Company, New York, NY

The book The West Remembered: Artists and Images, 1837-1973 and a copy of the bill of sale from Eli Wilner & Company will accompany the lot.

Rick Stewart gave background on Carl Wimar when he wrote, “For nearly three-quarters of a century, from the time of the Lewis and Clark explorations until the establishment of the railroads across the continent, the Missouri River served as the principal highway into the northern portions of the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. This great river, coursing over twenty-five hundred miles from its origins in the mountains of southwestern Montana to its juncture with the Mississippi River above Saint Louis, transported large numbers of Anglo-European travelers during the years before the Civil War. One of these was a young Saint Louis painter named Carl Wimar, who journeyed to the upper Missouri River in 1858 and 1859, gathering material for his paintings. In so doing, he became one of the last artists to depict the Indians and the landscape of this region prior to the reservation period, and one of the earliest to photograph the Indian tribes in their native settings.”

Earl C. Adams, Los Angeles, CA
Eli Wilner & Company, New York, NY
Jack Warner, Tuscaloosa, AL 1994
Private Collection, Germany

The West Remembered: Artists and Images, 1837-1973:
Old Mint, San Francisco, CA, June 16 - Sept 15, 1973;
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA, Nov 10, 1973 - Jan 6, 1974

Catalog, The West Remembered: Artists and Images, 1837-1973 (San Francisco and San Marino, CA: California Historical Society, 1973), p 22, illustrated

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