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The book, With Custer on the Little Bighorn, A Newly Discovered First-Person Account, by William O. Taylor, as well as an original 1928 catalogue of objects in Memorial Hall of the Pocumtuck Museum will accompany the lot.

It was June 25th, 1876, “The sight that greeted my eyes was most discouraging. Not over two hundred yards away was a large and constantly increasing number of Indian warriors coming toward us as fast as their ponies could travel, a whooping, howling mass of the best horsemen, the most cruel and fiercest fighters in all our country, or any other.” Thus the words of William O. Taylor describe the Sioux as they repulsed Major Reno’s force attacking their village on the Little Big Horn. Soon, trapped on a hilltop, Reno’s men could hear distant shooting from the raging battle that left Custer and his entire command wiped out. Two days later, Reno rode out with Taylor and other survivors for the sad task of burying Custer and his men. It was at this time that Taylor discovered this Sioux knife case along with a few other artifacts from the battlefield. In 1883, William O. Taylor donated his collection to the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The items remained on display for over 100 years until they were auctioned off to raise funds for the museum. Historically, this Sioux knife case is one of the few fully documented artifacts from the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

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