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An original 1943 letter written by J. P. Brandenburg describing the painting will accompany the lot.

The letter reads in part, “Mr. Berninghaus who painted the picture you recently acquired is Mrs. Brandenburg’s father. I gave him your letter to read with the photograph. He said the picture was painted perhaps 12 to 15 years ago in the Hondo Canyon out of Taos about 16 miles. While the picture is not an exact copy of the landscape there it does try to portray the spirit of the location, its large trees, those in shadow and the contrast of the brightness of the moon. You do know that the moon is intensely bright in most all parts of New Mexico. The figures and the Teepee give the composition a focal point of interest and are not an uncommon sight as many sheepherders and cattle men make their camps in the canyon while caring for their herds. If you have ever been up in the Hondo Canyon you will know that Taos people consider it something all their own and almost resent the tourist going there as it is so beautiful–and the fishing is great. ...”

The Artist
Mr. and Mrs. (the artist’s daughter) J. P. Brandenburg, Taos, NM
Mr. J. L. Wait, Chicago, IL 1943
Private Collection

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