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Original letter signed by the artist stating, “The title of this painting is ‘The Song of the Olla.’ The size is 12¼ x 10¾ inches. It is painted on the best linen, mounted on cardboard, and Weimar colors were used. It was painted during the month of November 1926 and is now in the possession of Mr. Samuel Lustgarten of Chicago, ILL.”

Art historian Patricia Broder wrote, “Walter Ufer, painter of the twentieth-century American Indian, is the least understood of all the members of the Taos Society of Artists. His New Mexico paintings have been alternately praised and condemned by successive generations of critics and collectors, yet few, either during the painter’s lifetime or in the years since his death, have recognized the focus of his art or have been able to evaluate his contribution to Taos’s artistic heritage.”

“Walter Ufer was both romantic poet and social critic, and his Taos paintings express his basic philosophy and outlook on life. He loved the beauty of the natural world and valued all forms of artistic creation. Above all he was a humanitarian, a believer in the dignity and the basic rights of the individual.”

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