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Signed and dated

Describing pronghorn antelope the artist wrote, “Anyone traveling through the high plains of Wyoming or Montana in early fall will see herds of pronghorns in the fields and sage flats. Only during the hunting season do they evaporate into more distant reaches of their range. When we are driving through this country, as we often do, it’s stop and start for me. Most of the animals are too distant to photograph, but that only slows me down. The interaction of bucks and their female consorts goes on with little regard for the stream of vehicles roaring past, ranging in size from sports cars to eighteen-wheelers.

“These little speed merchants are no problem to paint when not in motion. They are handsomely marked and trimly built. In flight, it’s another matter. One strains to find that degree of clarity which gives the viewer an idea of how they look and move, and at the same time, conveys a sense of their ability to cover ground.”

Collectors Covey, Dallas, TX
[The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, Reno, NV 2010]
Private Collection, Tucson, AZ 2010

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