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Signed, “601,” and “Ukiah-Cal”

In The Painter Lady, Grace Carpenter Hudson, Searles R. Boynton wrote, “Of the forty years in which Grace Hudson actively pursued a career as an artist, the last ten were her least productive. As most people pass three score years in life, it is natural that the energy of youth wanes. Still, some excellent paintings emerged during this quiet time in her life–a few may be among the finest she ever accomplished.

“Both she and John Hudson had returned from their recent trip to Europe ready to renew their respective endeavors. The first painting Grace completed in 1926 was a typical example of a canvas finished after she had been away from her work for a long time. The result of hours of planning, and including the most minute details, it was titled Children with a Bird’s Nest, number ‘601.’”

Private Collection, CA

Searles R. Boynton D.D.S., The Painter Lady, Grace Carpenter Hudson (Ukiah, CA: Sun House Guild Corporation, 1978), pp 87, 143, illustrated halftone, and 181 (no. 601), illustrated halftone

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