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Citing Helen Comstock’s Gaspard Paints the West, Forrest Fenn wrote, “Gaspard expressed that it was hard to imagine the difficulties of painting a street scene in China. The narrow streets full of hurrying pedestrians jostled his canvas, while the scene changed quickly, the color shifted, and the light receded. There was, he said, also the problem of a kaleidoscope of angles and colors. On the streets of Peking, throngs of good natured rickshaw boys would gather to watch him. Sometimes they cut off the view of his subject, and he had to pack up his paints and move. One time when he was surrounded by the usual crowd, strolling merchants saw an opportunity and set up their booths. A man with a whole lunch counter on his back–an ‘ambulatory restaurant,’ according to Gaspard– did a thriving trade. The temporary markets disappeared when the painter gathered his gear and went away.”

Exhibition label, Nedra Matteucci Galleries, Santa Fe, NM

Impressions from Russia & the Faraway, Nedra Matteucci Galleries, Santa Fe, NM, Nov 2013

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