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Berninghaus biographer Gordon E. Sanders wrote, “And so, in the summer of 1899, Oscar Berninghaus had his first encounter with the magic of Taos. It was old, colorful and steeped in history. He visited the massive Pueblo to the north, talked with some of the Indians and went horseback riding in the mountains. He saw a thousand scenes he wanted to paint—mountains, skies, people, horses and buildings. It was all so different from the greens and grays of St Louis. Here the sky was big, bright and blue—you could see for miles! The air was totally fresh—thin and crisp in the mornings—dry and warm in the evenings. The altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level assured cool, comfortable nights, and the low humidity was a welcome change from the Mid-west. Taos was indeed a paradise, especially for an artist.”

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