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Exhibition label, Phoenix Art Museum
Label, Midwestern Galleries, Cincinnati, OH

In Cosmopolitan, the caption reads, “‘There won’t be no drive of Box-K cows tomorrow mornin’, Ivy,’ Jacob promised. He favored Gail with a malevolent look.”

Midwestern Galleries, Cincinnati OH
Biltmore Galleries,Scottsdale, AZ
James Reynolds (CA Artist) 1995, gifted to
Sheila Cottrell Tucson, AZ 1999

The Popular West American Illustrators 1900-1940, Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix, AZ, Apr 1-May 30, 1982

Peter B. Kyne, “The Enchanted Hill,” Cosmopolitan (New York, NY: Hearst Corporation), illustrated
Patricia Janis Brody, Dean Cornwell Dean of Illustrators (Portland, OR: Collectors Press, 2000), p 59, illustrated

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