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From an interview with Gollings in 1907, “There is no room for the cowardly or the unfit in a horse outfit. The work is different from the work of the ordinary cow puncher, for there are no lazy moments in it, save that there is no night guard to stand and the ’horse fighter’ spends his evening around the camp fire, or rolled in his tarpaulin beneath the stars. But the man who is good enough for a horse outfit must show that he is first of all a genuine ‘bronco buster.’ He must be able to handle all kinds of horses and handle them fearlessly Once a man’s nerve is lost, owing to some hurt received in conquering a vicious horse, he is useless to the horse outfit and his only chance is to go and sign up as a cowpuncher where he can wrangle the saddle bunch, or perhaps to hire out as a sheep herder where he will have little to do but dream.”

The Artist
Peter and Helen Kooi, WY, 1915
Present owners, by descent

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