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Label, Brown & Bigelow #716

Goodwin historian Larry Len Peterson writes, “Goodwin loved dogs and included them in a number of his finest paintings. His beloved Airedale was featured in works completed for Winchester and in Camp Robbers. The camp setting is one of Goodwin’s favorites and was used in one of his most famous paintings, It’s a Bear.

“A bear family is creating havoc when they are surprised by an angry Airedale who blocks the camper’s chance at a shot at the growling mother bear. Will the mother hold her ground or follow the lead of one of her wise children who is starting to run away? The decision to fight or flight makes for the ultimate predicament painting.”

Brown & Bigelow, Saint Paul, MN
Estate of Joyce and Larry Huffman, West Bend, WI, 1988

Larry Len Peterson, Philip R .Goodwin: America’s Sporting & Wildlife Artist (Hayden, ID: The Coeur d’Alene Art Auction, 2001), page 290, illustrated print

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