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Label, Fenn Galleries, Santa Fe, NM

The small red square below Higgins’ signature signifies that the artist considered this one of his best paintings. Only about 10 percent of his work is delineated with this distinguishing ‘splash.’

According to Dean A. Porter in Victor Higgins: An American Master, “In The Bead Worker as well as A Pink Shawl, Higgins brought a basic simplicity to his compositions, one that contributes to the low-key mood. He eliminated all unnecessary details, using only objects that enhance the composition, such as a Santa Clara pot, a pumpkin, hookah, or woven blanket. The placement of the subject, the exotic trappings, and the lighting owe much to his European training.”

Dean A. Porter, Ph.D., Victor Higgins: An American Master (Layton, UT: Gibbs Smith, 1991), page 61, illustrated halftone

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