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Signed and titled

In The Frank Tenney Johnson Book Harold McCracken wrote, “There is an indication he [FTJ] was doing considerably more sketching and paintings, particularly in a rocky canyon, where he had been studying the colors in the shadows at different times of the day, from early morning until under the glow of the moonlight. ‘I’ve been experimenting with colors,’ he wrote: ‘the way Maxfield Parrish gets his peculiar techniques. It’s an attractive effect indeed and I’ll make good use of it.’ It seem that this experience and the influence of the deep and extraordinary blues which distinguished so many of the fine paintings done by Maxfield Parrish, together with the study of colors under the effects of moonlight in a deep rocky canyon near Hayden, may well have been the beginning of the very distinctive nocturnes which later became the hallmark of Frank Tenney Johnson as an extraordinary artist.”

William Bedford Lloyd, Southport, CT, late 1940s gifted to
Present owner, New York, NY, 2011

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