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Signed and dated

Bob Kuhn had a lifetime fascination with wildlife especially mammals. In this domain he saw both the grizzly and the wolf as supreme among North American predators. “I have seen a big old bear…poking along under a lowering sky, dark coat shimmering with silvery highlights. It was a long time ago, but the memory of it is still fresh.”

The dramatic power of the bear most impressed Kuhn. He wrote, “Combine their ability to bring down prey as large as an elk and moose (which may outweigh them two or three to one) with the speed to run these fleet animals down, when the terrain is rough enough to even the odds a bit, and you have a creature who deserves his reputation. In current parlance, he’s one tough dude.”

The Artist
Collection of Bill Burford, owner of Texas Art Gallery, Dallas, TX
Present owner by descent, NC, 2009

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