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Exhibition label, Ft. Wayne Museum of Art

The Crow Indians call themselves Apsaroke (various spellings) in their native Siouan language. Historically they were forced from their original home in the eastern woodlands of Ohio by the better armed Ojibwa and Cree. Pressure from still other groups led them to the Yellowstone River Valley, an area extending from present day Wyoming through Montana and into North Dakota. Formerly semi-nomadic hunters and farmers, they quickly adopted to the true nomadic life of the Plains Indian as hunters of bison. The Crow were bitter enemies of the Sioux and Cheyenne and during the Indian War period they served as valuable scouts for the U.S. Cavalry. The tribe remained generally friendly with the whites and once warfare had come to a close the Crow managed to retain a large reservation allotment south of Billings, Montana.

Collection of Robert L. and Ellen E. Haan

2006 Biennial, Ft. Wayne Museum of Art, Ft. Wayne, IN, June 10 - Aug 20, 2006

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