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In The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing Tim J. Todish wrote, “This scene depicts an Indian council at Fort Pitt during the British occupation period. The councils were held outside near the brick and stone blockhouse in the background, which still stands today. The talks were held outside because the British would not permit armed warriors inside the fort, and the Indians were unwilling to give up their weapons. Politeness and eloquent oratory were trademarks of Indian councils, which often went on for days before issues were decided. Each speaker was given a chance to fully express his views without interruption, with all others listening attentively. Elaborately decorated belts of wampum, like the one held in the speaker’s hands, were presented to emphasize the important points of discussion.”

The Artist
[Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, AZ, 2007]
Private Collection, MT

The Great American West, Settlers West Galleries, Tucson, AZ, Nov 2007

Tim J. Todish, The Narrative Art of Robert Griffing, Volume II (Gibsonia, PA: Paramount Press, 2007), page 167, illustrated
Exhibition catalog, The Great American West (Tucson, AZ: Settlers West Galleries, 2007), front cover, illustrated

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